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Embark on unique adventure across many environments in search of powerful gravity shards that hold unimaginable power. Defeat powerful, smart and sneaky enemies, solve difficult puzzles and mysteries, gather resources and craft ultimate weapons or just relax, decorate your home, chat with villagers and go fishing !

That all and much more is possible in this pixel art metroidvania

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DISCORD: https://discord.gg/BBBhR2s

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BCStd_marketing
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Game Features:

- Metroidvania abilities and progression
- 6 Environments to explore
- 50+ Platforming challenges
- Semi-Randomized level generation
- 30+ Enemies
- Level-stat points system
- 20+ Items
- Find, hatch and level up your pets
- Fishing ( disabled in this version due to upcoming rework )
- Weapon crafting system
- Weapon enchants
- Weapon forging
- Relic crafting


alpha -  v0.252:

New features:

- jars and vases now can drop coins
 - new infobox in tutorial areas
- new particles-based loading circle
- Encounter zones fixed
- Encounter zone music & sfx added
- New encounter zones
- new button images added when playing with controller Changes:
- Stat points available now display only when near ancient stone, making it more clear when you can assign stat points
- Save files now persist across new versions -> You no longer need to copy/paste saves Bugfixes:

- Teleporting to some areas were bugged (glowshroom mounds, ria tower)
- Jump bug when you leave the house fixed
- forging when you do not have any weapon
- fixed - Regeneration bug
- you could not respawn until regeneration effect ware off - fixed
- You could get stuck in Ancient temple ruins - fixed
- Incorrect controller button images fixed -
Main menu button fixed
- Inventory item refresh sometimes bugged, displaying incorrect item - fixed
+ few more quality of life fixed

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/BBBhR2s
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BCStd_marketing


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Shards of Gravity_v0.26_Windows.zip 120 MB
Shards of Gravity_v0.26_Mac.app.zip 129 MB

Development log


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Easy cheese:
Once you got your first level up, instead of using that point to increase a stat, instead decrease durability as much as you want.
It totally goes even below zeor and , when I was trying to figure out when or if you can actually reasign a stat point , Igot to like -37 durability and therefor could then increase my strength to +36 or such.

Thing is this is only usable when
1.you got level up, so you have pooints to spent
2. you havent yet used that statpoint (you gott have 1 or more stapoints for assginment)
3. first have to decrease durabilty to get more stat points before you can put them all into strength or the other stat.

if, no matter what, at any point the stat points are assigned, the playis over. game instasaves the current assignment.
and you have to wait to try this again for the next level up (baiscally you have to have unassigned points. the second free statpoints counter equals zero, distribution is fixed and cannot be change duntil you got a new free statpoint upon next level up.

in short, first decreade durabilty to oblivion before rassigning the tens and hundreds of free stat points.

havent tried if in the same way strength or energy can be decreased below zero in the same way too.
might be possible

@developer: better put in a check so that when decreasing stat point, none of the 3 attributes can go below zero.

Sadly I only realized this after I had already made the invincible shadow thing on the left.
my normal (metal= sword didnt even hit it, and the light sword only pushed it away.

maybe some +100 strength would have made it possible to kill it (even though game obviously doent intend you to be able to do this)

(1 edit)

by the way, esides the obvious strengths, what do the other 2 stats even do currently?
might have overlooked it but I didnt see anything change when I increased durability and such.

is there some tutorial zones beside the initial village with its many sign posts?
Also would be ni9ce to have health reset to max if saving or being respawned.


Strength increase weapon damage

Energy increase mana - so you can heal more & more often. It will be used to cast spell too later on.

Durability increase Health

Oh, and dont kill any of those sh itty flying crystals things either if you dont want infinite moeny and exp.
which might sound good but crashes the game in 2 seconds max -.-

And checkpoints also arent unicorns, there could be more than jsut the single one in the east, if you ask me -.-

There are 5 in this version


Ahahaha :D Good that you found that out ! I must had missed it.  Thanks for letting me know :) It will be fixed in upcoming with with a lot of new weapons, new double-jump aquire-able mechanic, new weapon & crafting system, new envrionment & new enemies & Boss :)

Now I feel like I should jsut stay with the game's old version :-D

didnt play yet but the screenshots are amazing!

Go play it then ^_^ The current version should be pretty polished already


I see a lot of potential in this game.  The graphics are beautiful and gameplay is really good.  The only problem I ran into is that the sword doesn't always swing when you press the mouse button.

Hi ! I will be releasing new version - v0.26 with a lot of bugfixes, quality of life changes and new things just in few days.

Thank you a lot for your video / review.

The swing should not be done every time you press mouse button -> it have delay depending on the weapon attack speed, sadly you did not get through the tutorial zones so you could not compare it to other weapons. Currently there is about 20 hours playtime for this free alpha and much more is about to come ! Fishing, better crafting, battle pets and so no :) 

Have a nice day ! Best regards

Ah that makes sense about the weapons.  Still it was a fun experience and I enjoyed what I have played of it. 🤗  Thank you for watching the video. 😁

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Hello Blue Crystal Studio, my name is Bruno, I play indie games, on my YouTube channel here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you on the incredible project, the game has a lot of potential and a tip puts the game on Steam.

Subscribe to the channel to support the work.

Game Gameplay Link:

The Linux version of the game actually contains the windows version. Please also compile for Linux


Nice game with lots of potential. I don't know how much more you're planning to add, but at some point it will definitely need a polish pass or two, lots of small problems here and there that could be improved, but overall it's pretty good.

I took some notes while playing the first 20 or so minutes.

Lots of mixels, I'm not personally a fan but it might be something you like.

D-pad is completely unused, as someone who prefers using the d-pad in both menus and in-game this was a sore point.

No button remapping.

The shape of the character collider makes platforming somewhat awkward, consider using some other shape.

Consider finding some character controller 2D online since I know Unity doesn't have one built in for 2D and using rigidbody is not ideal in most situations. Using a custom character controller lets you have way more control over the feel of moving around. I'd recommend looking at Sebastian Lague's old tutorials or Prime31's character controller on github.


Hi, thanks for the review. Could you specify the problems that could improve ?

D-pad is used for menus and item usage at the moment.

There is currently no button remapping as Unity have bad way to remap buttons sadly. There IS a button remapping if you launch the game in specific way, but you have to google it.

For player collider, it is capsule. Do you mean to use square due to rough edges ?

And thanks for the tip of the 2d controller by sebastian lague. I will check it out ! :)



Oh well the d-pad didn't seem to work for me in the menus then.

Sadly I know all to well about Unity's situation with inputs. I recommend you switch to Rewired on the asset store, it's a great plugin that comes with a button remapping system, although I haven't tried it out yet, I'm pretty impressed by the rest of the plugin. Word of caution though, the documentation is a bit lacking on how you set it up, but once you do get it going it's great.

Yes I do recommend a square instead, but if you watch Sebastian's videos on it you'll see that he uses a different approach entirely, but it ends up behaving just like a square collider.

Another thing I forgot to mention in my initial review is that the in-game menu for inventory and stats is pretty janky to use, so I would suggest you re-think your approach to that.

Thanks for responding so kindly :)

Just tried the Game! I love the soundtrack soooo much!! It gives a very relaxing atmosphere cant wait for more updates on the game :)


Hi Nomik ! Glad you like the game, there are TONS more to come to SoG. One of the first feature I will include are status effects (in next update !), fishing (just need more polishing and it is done) and battle pets! :) Here is also sneakpeak of new platforming mechanic.


That's awesome! I will surely come back for that update :) I noticed the game is Ideal for controllers, any chance for keyboard support?

It is made primary for keyboard + mouse. If you have controller connected, I expect you will use that and change button images and text to controller ones :)

Interesting  I wonder my pc tried to play the game using a controller ? Any ways Great game!


Thank you! Glad you like it :) Tons of more content is coming, new environments, enemies, Fishing mechanic is coming soon, then battle pets, those are also almost finished.


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful for the development ^^

-The concept of the game is interesting and overall it's well aimed ^^

-The gameplay mechanics are quite good and just need some polish to make them perfect, I've seen 2 important bugs related to them that need to be fixed.(1: If you start healing yourself while moving the character gets locked going forward until you stop, 2: The energy sword was always on, consuming all the energy instantly after leaving the "fountains" of energy, is there a button to turn it off or is it a bug? )

-Visually the game looks pretty nice and the level design has a really nice combination of colours.

Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hi ! Thanks for the video / feedback.

I am glad you mostly-liked the game. The bugs you mentioned are already fixed and will not me in next patch, which also include status effects, new potions and other consumables, many other bugfixes and new zones.

You can also post this video to showcase on my discord channel, I would like to support your channel :)

Discord: https://discord.gg/BBBhR2s

Best regards,

Tomas Petrlik

You are welcome ^^, good to hear :D


you shuld make the game a zip file instad of a rar file


i can't open the game without downloading a third party software

And by third party software you mean Winrar ? :D I will upload new version in few minutes so I will try to avoid winrar then, but it is 1. common software for compresion

I just uploaded the v0.252 and it is .zip instead of .rar
Thank you for the tip!



Hello, could you make a linux version please, that would be cool.


Of course. In next patch there will be Linux version too then ! Thank you for your interest in this game.

how do you download

click Download Now

Hey! The game's epic and i look forward to playing it. However i am unable to decrease the music volume in settings and if i press escape to go to the main menu, the game freezes and i cant do anything.

Hi ! Do you remember where were you unable to lower the music volume ?

Yeah ig in the options then I wanted to change music but then it wasn't working and then I pressed esc resulting in the game freezing and then closing

fuc* game is soo cool and fantastic i like it but for alpha version is so many bugs... and i like it ;)

new patch with fixed buggs coming today :)

Does it work with Mac? I could only find an .exe inside the .rar

There will be new patch tomorrow with the Mac version. It should had been in this one but I misunderstood the Unity build settings - Tom

Thank you so much! The game looks fantastic and I'm excited to play the demonstration.